You certainly want to have a place to live with a beautiful and pleasant design as a place to rest and settle down in your new home ideas in Melbourne. However, it is always imagined that building a beautiful dream house requires a lot of money. It turns out that such perceptions are no longer valid. You can have a beautiful home design at a low cost.

Here are some custom home ideas for those of you who just want to build a new home.

Beautiful House Design “Koda House” – Kodasema new home design

The micro-sized house with an area of ​​25 m² created by the Estonian designer association, Kodasema, is the answer to the economic crisis that hit Britain. The micro house called Koda House only took less than a day to build.

With a simple and effective design for housing, this beautiful house design can be the best option for those of you who have a limited budget. Koda House consists of a bedroom with a capacity of 2 people with an area of ​​5.2 m², consisting of a bathroom with an area of ​​?? 3.1 m² and a living room measuring 16 m² with a ceiling height of 3.5 m².

This beautiful low-cost house has a kitchen attached to the living room. Koda House is equipped with solar panels that are mounted on the roof for electricity needs and this house applies smart home technology, where there is an alarm feature, adjustable LED lighting, and air temperature control.

With architectural technology developed by Kodasema, this beautiful house made of concrete was built without a foundation. Even more unique, Koda House can be relocated to another place using a large vehicle.
Beautiful Home Design “Casa Prefabricada” – Casas Cube new home design

Modular homes can be an alternative to beautiful new home designs at low cost. For example, the Spanish architectural firm Casas Cube designed a 75 m² modular house that looks elegant from the outside and the inside. This house has 2 or 3 bedroom options. The materials used to build houses with this design are cheap and easy to find, such as stone, iron, and wood.

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